Make intentional and meaningful improvements in your personal and professional life with the help of a co-active coach, who will provide structured guidance through a proven process designed to reveal who you are at your very best.

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Alison Wallis, PHC, RYT

I am a professional co-active coach, health coach, yoga and mindfulness teacher. Through coaching, I guide and challenge you to discover and embrace your most authentic self and create your best life. Firmly rooted in my deep curiosity and intuition, I champion you to courageously take action, to transform and grow beyond your perceived limitations, and to experience the energy and freedom that comes from living in alignment with your core values.


Within a holistic, supportive environment, together we move beyond self-limiting beliefs and habits, co-creating the internal conditions necessary for meaningful external impact, making your ideal reality...a reality.


As a co-active coach, yogi, artist, athlete, and business professional, I bring to you clarity, energy, honesty, and gentle fierceness that is the result of the unique combination of my life experiences. With love, compassion, and accountability, I hold space for your learning, exploration, and deep inquiry incorporating mindfulness techniques, goal setting, and creative visualization.

My clients are highly motivated individuals — executives, leaders, and creatives —looking to make significant transformations while breaking free from anxiety, stress, poor health, self-sabotage, and self-doubt. I support my clients as they navigate periods of growth, opportunity, and major transitions with strength and ease.

You are ready for change.
  • Are you lacking clarity about the best way to move forward?

  • Are you searching for tools to create a new mindset for maximum impact?

  • Are you ready to level up and make a shift?

  • Are you craving more meaning and purpose in your personal or professional life?

  • Do you need help fighting procrastination, focusing on priorities and overcoming fear?

Coaching can help.
  • You will be able to find a place of inner peace no matter what.

  • You will have a clear vision of what is next and path to get there.

  • You will feel grounded and confident to take risks.

  • You will start a daily creative or self-care practice.

  • You can shorten the distance to make swift progress toward specific goals.


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