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alison wallis

Certified Transformation & Leadership Coach

Empowering You to Achieve Your Goals
Are you ready to transform your mindset, lean into your power, and live the life you've always wanted?

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My name is Alison Wallis and I want you to know that you can create the life you've always wanted!

Empowering courageous women to take action towards accomplishing their life's vision is my passion.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, I guide and challenge you to discover and embrace your most authentic self and create your best life. Firmly rooted in my deep curiosity and intuition, I champion you to courageously take action, to transform and grow beyond your perceived limitations, and to experience the energy and freedom that comes from living in alignment with your core values.

With gentle fierceness, compassion, and accountability, I hold space for your learning, exploration, and deep inquiry by incorporating specialized coaching techniques including mindfulness, goal setting, creative visualization, and more.

Within the safety of the coaching relationship, you will move beyond self-limiting beliefs and habits into more awareness and conscious creation, setting the foundation necessary for transformation.

Are you ready to embrace your fullest potential and transform?


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Whether you want to navigate a major life transition with ease, break free from cycles of self-sabotage, develop powerful and meaningful relationships, take action toward a dream with clarity and confidence, create deeper purpose in your career, or overcome doubt and fear...

We can do this together!​

Coaching will provide you with the tools and resources you need to connect with your life purpose, discover what you truly want, build a strategy with actionable steps, make resonant choices, deepen your self-awareness, develop courage, confidence, and full presence in your life.


Are you ready to achieve whatever you desire?

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Santa Monica, CA

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Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
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