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About Coaching

Coaching is an experience of personal and professional development that holds a client as naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and completely capable of finding the answers to whatever challenges they face. The coach's role is to ask powerful questions, listen intuitively and empower the client to elicit the skills and creativity they already possess, rather than to instruct or advise.

Why Coaching Works

The coach’s primary attention is on amplifying the client’s wisdom, thought processes, and directed action toward the future, based on the client’s self-identified agenda around career goals and other major transitions. A supportive and non-judgmental environment is created in which to inquire, challenge, and stimulate critical thinking and new ways of being, thinking, and acting, often resulting in new behaviors applicable to the client’s whole life.

Learn more about the neuroscience of coaching.

What to Expect

Each session consists of 50 minutes of coaching, and most clients meet bi-weekly. In addition to coaching sessions, coaching includes interim counsel and check-ins, saboteur diagnostics, and a 90-minute discovery session. A 6-month minimum commitment is required to begin the coaching relationship.


During a coaching call, clients will come prepared with a topic to work on and leave with concrete action steps and homework from each coaching conversation. The coaching itself draws on various visualization and embodiment techniques, incorporates behavioral strategies and action plans, and helps clients identify roadblocks and barriers to success.

Who Needs Coaching?

Individuals who are stepping into their power and finding their voice; high-functioning leaders craving balance; creatives looking to take their careers to the next level and visioning what's next; and, anyone ready to connect with their life purpose.    

Before We Begin

Clients are strongly encouraged to establish a regular meditation practice in addition to self-care practices (such as exercise, sleep, time for self-reflection, journaling) that will support them throughout the course of the coaching.

What You Get From Coaching

  • Clarity and commitment around a decision and a career path

  • Increased sense of peace and purpose in your life

  • Concrete action steps and goals towards bigger aspirations

  • Increased fulfillment from living in alignment with your core values and authentic self

  • Specific strengthened skills such as courageous conversations and redesigned relationships

  • Courage and permission to make changes in service of your best life

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